Bangkok Thailand
Bangkok Thailand

It’s not easy to come up with a list of the top places to visit in Thailand. The country’s geographical diversity and rich cultural heritage make many areas of Thailand great for visiting.

Still, there are some places in Thailand that are a cut above the rest. As such, here is a list of five of the top places to visit in Thailand.

1. Bangkok – Many people visiting Thailand only spend a day in Bangkok, or even skip it altogether. But the Thai capital is bursting with activity, from bustling markets to beautiful palaces and other sightseeing spots. The food scene, from the famous Thai street food to the high end restaurants and fine dining in Bangkok, is also top notch.

2. Chiang Mai – Chiang Mai is the biggest and culturally most important city in all of northern Thailand. It is located in the mountains, and is home to over 300 Buddhist temples. It is a must on any list of the top places to visit in Thailand.

3. Koh Samui – Koh Samui is one of the largest islands in Thailand. It is known for its pristine white beaches, temples, waterfalls, and nightlife. While the island can get very touristy in the high season, there are parts of Koh Samui that are more secluded and still offer the privacy and isolation of a private island retreat.

4. Phuket – Another beach destination worth mentioning on any list of the top places to visit in Thailand is Phuket. Phuket is one of the most popular beach vacation spots in all of Asia. It is also known for golf, diving, adventure tourism, and the nightlife scene that centers around Patong Beach.

5. Koh Panghan – Koh Panghan is another of Thailand’s beautiful islands. It is most famous for its monthly Full Moon Party, but is also known for its beautiful beaches and resorts. Like the other islands in Thailand, it can get crowded. However, there are secluded areas to get away, and it is worth placing on any top places to visit in Thailand list.